Thursday, August 6

Vacation, Boredom, Babies, Donuts

My vacation is over. This is surprisingly bittersweet. The surprise is "sweet" tacked on the end of that word up there, but it was no accident. My vacation was wonderful, wild, fun, ridiculous, and completely exhausting. Sweetly, I'm back in Mexico and back at a job that for the next 2 months will involve mainly movie watching, facebook stalking, and salivating. It will be mind-numbingly boring in about 2 seconds, yes, but right now it is peaceful and relaxing in a way that only about 2 of my vacation days were.

It was really wonderful, though. I saw many of my favorite people and devoured many of my favorite things. Sushi, BLTs, sweet corn, fresh berry sorbet, salmon, pork loin with fennel, California style pizza (one thing I don't hate about CA). . . .the menu goes on and on. Let me assure you, between the leviathan culinary talents of my mother, sister, and aunt (I should also give my grandpa an "up and coming" award, he made a fantastic blueberry pie) and my mother's gardening prowess combined with Iowa's fecundity, I gorged steadily and happily on the freshest, most local (backyard), and deliciously/maniacally prepared food. Not once interrupted by the thought that I ought to get batteries for my camera and take pictures for you.

Besides eating, I also spent lots of time staring admiringly at my enormously-adorable, enormous nephew. Pinching his cheeks, accepting his slobbery kisses, and trying to sear my absentee aunt face into his memory took up a large part of my time.

Now that I'm back in Mexico, I'm spending most of my internet time looking at these beautiful photos that the talented Jess Nelson took of him. So adorable!

I'm also spending most (actually, all ) of my eating time in the post-vacation carryover of spoiled laziness zone. Which means, I haven't cooked anything. And I don't want to. And I don't really want to tell you about a new recipe, delicious Mexican food, or a clever family anecdote. And I don't feel bad about it, not one bit. (I think this post-vacation zone is also marked by large quantities of surliness).

One thing that I do want to do; eat a caramel cruller from Nord's Bakery. Donuts are my lazy, IdowhatIwant food. Unfortunately, I can't get them here. But I bet you can find them and tell me where you found them and how much you loved them. Even though you will be enjoying them and not me, I'll keep day dreaming about them. Mainly because of that picture of Barrett. Look at it again. Now look at this cruller picture. The way his chubbiness folds on his left side. . .do you see it? He's an almost-walking, human donut advertisement. And I'm sold. So I'm going to go back to gushing about how cute he is and salivating over the donuts he reminds me of. So there's that. Happy August.


  1. What a delight to read your blog Margee, you
    explain things and happenings in such a great
    fashion. I saw the pictures that Jess took of
    that little donut. You made a very apt description of that blue eyed baby boy. My friend Scharlie told me last night soon I would be a good baby sitter for him. Don't
    tell Mindee and Ray.
    We saw the movie Julie & Julia last night and
    I know all the fabulous cooks in this family
    will really enjoy this movie.
    Oh by the way I got a medal for winning second place this morning in Griswolds fun
    run walk race. A 35 year old hunk beat me.
    Shona Putnam said that she had heard that she
    shouldsn't worry about the race because there
    was an 82 year old man enterd and she couldn't think who that might be. She was very surprised that it turned out to be me!!
    What a compliment. Anyway I have Tina Perdue to thank for motivating me to start working out at the Y. I called Scharlie and told her
    and she wasn't even surprised. She said "she
    knew how fit I was"!!1
    On tha tnote I'd better say Adios for now Margee. Love you a bushel and apeck.
    Gr. Marlin

  2. I love this post of course, and I now want to be referred to as "mother of donut"! I also had to look up fecundity and will incorporate it into my vocab...thanks for expanding my horizons! I think you should compile your blog entries into a book!