Friday, September 3

Days Go By

Where do months go? I know time is arbitrary blah, blah, blah, but it feels like days, weeks, and months have accidentally fallen out of my pockets like the numerous tubes of lipgloss I've unintentionally scattered around the world.

There are those times when hours or days seems to evaporate as you're laying on the couch in a Frito-Lays induced stupor with nothing to show for the time that has past, but a disgustingly thorough knowledge of Tyra Banks' modeling tips.

Then there are those times when the past stretches out behind you and you almost can't recognize the events along the way. Maybe you became a tenured professor and got promoted and can't really understand how you arrived at the position you're at at present and why people are looking at you like you are a responsible human.

I've fallen into the swallowing couch category before, but this time, the latter is my excuse for a very, very long absence from my gluttonous writing. Though to be honest, I wish more couch and Fritos had been involved..though rest assured there have been lots of tacos dorados, mangos, chilaquiles...ok, I guess I don't miss the Fritos.

Today, my second anniversay of moving to Oaxaca, I've been trying to remember all of the things that brought me to this point--the experiences and flavors I've tasted along the way--including this blog where I've tried to record and recreate them.

So I had to come back, shamefully recipeless, but back at least, to say: I love you OAXACA! Happy anniversary.


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  1. K I know I'm quite behind on commenting on this post, but I like it. I feel that in many ways I can relate to this - just not the whole living in Mexico or being a professor thing. But the "people think I am responsible" bit is so up my alley :)